Dear guests,
now is a good time to share some details about Izola...

Looking for some fun or just a glass of refosko?
The Manzioli wine bar on the exceptional Manzioli square will probably host many events this year as well, but you can also have a drink.
The most beautiful location in Izola, at Svetilnik modernly renovated, expect a bit of a crowd, but the location outweighs it.
Morning coffee by the sea, some fancy cocktail after lunch or craft beer in the evening, it is always on your way to the beach, Vitaminček bar,
On the coastal path towards San Simon is the Hangar bar, which has become an important musical meeting place for lovers of alternative music in Slovenian Istria. The range of beers is huge. And on the shore of Belvedere is BELVEDERE BEACH BAR a most beautiful panoramic scene of Izola, by the sea.

Hungry already? There are quite a few catering options in Izola. If you have the desire, you can try everything, but it will take more time. If you don't know what to do, start at the beginning, if you want to surprise yourself, shoot blindly. However, we have written down our top suggestions:

Very high quality and in a fantastic location, local seasonal and top quality, chef Igor Delak and Kamin restaurant at Belvedere:
Pizzeria Gušt will not leave you hungry with its range:
Something seafood, maybe some really good calamari? Yep, definitely at the Marina Hotel:
Or something from the sea in an authentic coastal way: Gostilna Bujol knows:
One small cold cut, small prosciutto and cheese and an excellent wine accompaniment? You can find this on Manziolijev trg in the Zaro wine bar:
Shrimp on the buzaro, pedoche on the buzaro, noodles with clams are undoubtedly mastered by Sonja inn:
Classic grill Pri Perotu na Lonka:
a little further from the center of Izola, but still worth a visit is the traditional Istrian Gostilna Korte:
Just a snack, no problem: Visit Okrepčevalnica "Jagoda" Hazbi Ređepi for a kebab or pizza slice.

NOTE: In SLovenia grossery shops are closed on sundays, but you can grab some basic stuff at the Petrol station or at the bakery called Ditipek, pekarna, d.o.o.

Buon apetit!

Our family has more than 50 years of experience in renting apartments, therfore we could say it is a family tradition.

It all started when our grandmother Iva started hosting first guests in 1964. In that time those were families from Austria and then Czechoslovakia!

And yes, it really was literally as it is stated on many old signs still today: Zimmer frei. Which meant that during the summer, she dedicated a certain room in the house to a guest show. It was kind of self-evident that they shared a bathroom at the time. As well as some breakfast for the guests, it was not difficult for Grandma to prepare anything.

Those days are over, you can expect your own bathroom when staying with us ;)

Look no further, we have a few options for you.

You can choose between many apartments:

Check occupancy and rent directly with us, without agency fees, to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Are you looking for affordable and nice apartment to rent in Izola, the seaside of Slovenia?

The Venetian part of the peninsula passed to the Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation in 1797 with the Treaty of Campo Formio, until the period of Napoleonic rule from 1805 to 1813 when Istria became part of the Illyrian provinces of the Napoleonic Empire. After this short period, during which Izola's walls were torn down and used to fill in the channel that separated the island from the mainland, the newly established Austrian Empire ruled Istria until November 1918.[3] The treaty of Saint Germain assigned Izola and the rest of the Istria region to Italy.Look no further, we can offer you at least two appartments, that are still available. 

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Najem apartmaja v Izoli

Apartmaje v Izoli oddamo, lahko le za kratek oddih ali pa za kvaliteten tedenski popust.
Naši apartmaji v Izoli so v celoti prenovljeni in namenjeni kvalitetnemu preživljanju vaših počitnic. Proste termine lahko takoj preverite s klikom na želeni apartma.
Vsak naš apartma ima objavljen in ažuriran koledar z označenimi zasedeni dnevi.
Bivanje lahko poračunate z vašimi turističnimi boni tudi v letu 2021. Za več informacij smo vedno na voljo na objavljenem mailu ali telefonu.
Rezervirajte svoj termin pred začetkom sezone, akontacijo v višini 30% vam v primeru višje sile v celoti povrnemo.